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New Victory Series Pulley System Fits Supercharged LS Engines

Posted on January 31 2017

Following the introduction of the 8-rib Victory Series HD Pulley System in 2016, Concept One Pulley Systems is now introducing a new system designed specifically for Supercharged LS engines.The new drive, the Chevy LS Victory Kit for the Magnuson Heartbeat Supercharger is application specific for projects utilizing supercharger, alternator, A/C and power steering and fits LS3 engines as well as a variety of other engines as long as they have LS3/L92 Heads.
Providing both convenience and diverse tuning options the new drive is compatible with most popular LS and aftermarket throttle bodies. C1 drives are extremely compact and eliminate A/C compressor cross member clearance issues. Perfect for the do-it-yourself builder and include all the components and hardware required for quick, hassle free, precision installation. The conversions allow builders to take advantage of incredible tuning options present with these modern power plants. The layout, quality craftsmanship and multiple finish options from C1 bring the engine compartment of any machine to a whole new level.

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