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Robert Passmore
I installed the pulley kit this weekend. Man, it sure does spruce up the engine bay!! Threw a coat of wax on the polished aluminum as you suggested. Seriously, it looks awesome! Better than I thought it would. Always nice when something outperforms expectations. The kit seems so simple, but yet so precise. Quality materials as well. Very satisfying.

Gary Aram / A-Team Racing
Hey Guys, as I said before "You build the best system ever"! We run a 1986 Chevrolet IROC z28 with a 425RWHP 383 C.I.D The car constantly turns to 6500 RPM and NEVER a failure with the Victory belt drive system. We recently ran at Daytona International Speedway doing the 12 Hours of Daytona course. So that means we do all the outside tracks plus all the inside roadcourses. High RPM shifting is a must at this track to keep things rolling. We turned a top speed of 179.3 MPH with NO PROBLEMS!!! I can't thank you enough for the best designed system I have ever ran PERIOD! With Respect, Gordon Aram

Sonny Past Auto Productions
I am sending a photo of my converted 502 with your BCR01M system. I have used all the other bracket manufacturers. Yours is the only one that fit! Thanks, Sonny

Absolutely everything in the Concept One kit fit and worked exactly as it was supposed to. It's one of those rare kits that just goes right on without any issues whatsoever. After my experience withthe serpentine pulley kit on this car, I plan on using Concept One for every car I build. Thanks, Pete Waydo

Ray Thorn
I just wanted to say thanks... Thanks!!! I finished installing the pulleys I bought from you and it was the perfect final touch on my 347 stroker project engine. Thanks, Ray Thorn

Hey guys, I got the kit and it looks awsome! The car is in the home stretch. I just got the body back from paint and now the chassis is together. The car is going to debut at the World of Wheels Pitsburgh show at the Detroit Autorama. Thanks, Martin

Jerry Hill
I thought you might like to see the installation of your steering box in my 1955 Nomad. I really appreciate your approach to business. I am looking forward to finishing my Nomad soon and driving it! Thanks again, Jerry Hill.

Geoff Hogue
I am so glad I went with your pulley system no my 56 "iroc" Belair! As you can see by the picture, it just looks good. Although I still havent got the power steering to "burp" that last bubble, I am very pleased! We should have the air charged and checked by Friday. Thanks again for your builder friendly system, Geoff Hogue

Tom Boozer
Thank you for above and beyond customer service and an excellent product. Here is a photo of my car with my Concept One pullet system. Thanks, Tom Boozer

Blaine Worth Auto Restoration
I recently purchased a complete FE Ford pulley system from you and was very pleased with the ease of installation and fit. Thank you. Blain Worth Auto Restoration, Victoria B.C. Canada

Alan Brown
I purchased a steering gear kit for a 1963 Corvette a couple of weeks ago and had it installed this week. I wanted to report that the gear and related items were outstanding. The instructions to install were great. The whole process was fairly painless and the gear works as advertised. The gear and the process were everything you said they would be. Thanks, Alan Brown.

Steve Baker
I just wanted to express my sincere appreciation for the fine craftsmanship you build in to the Concept One steering gear upgrade for Tri-Five Chevys. You may recall I visited your shop a couple of years ago and then I wrote a tech article on your gear for my club newsletter "Heartbeat Classic Chevys" in San Diego. Since that time, several of our club members have done major restorations on their Tri-Fives, bought and installed these gearboxes in their cars. They all rave about the great road feel your gears provide.

I was most impressed by your attention to detail in building these gear boxes. When my old 605 finally blew out, I too bought a new gear box from you. I wish I could have done it sooner. The look was right on and the fit was as precise as if it was original equipment. Couples up to an aftermarket steering column, this makes my '57 Chevy a dream to drive. We recently completed minor updates to our car, but we are so glad we chose your gearbox to complement the suspension and braking upgrades. You are right, the new gearbox makes the car drive like a new late model car.

My next project will be to upgrade our '65 Chevelle, and it won't be complete without a Concept One steering gear! Thank you and keep up the great work!

Buddy Insley
I purchased a system for a SBC and it was GREAT!!! Thanks a lot!