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Thermostat Housing

Billet aluminum Low-Profile thermostat housing for LS engines.

This new housing is designed with the coolant inlet at the 6 o'clock position, which helps when retrofitting an LS into older vehicles.

It will allow you to route the lower radiator hose between the frame rails instead of coming in from the side like the OEM unit.

The housings are short for maximum clearance. They are machined from 6061 Billet Aluminum and are a one piece unit. They are available for LS1 and LS2 or LS3 water pumps.

Part # A0350-82250 (LS1 and LS2 76mm bolt pattern)
  • Concept ONE LS Kits (6-rib), HD LS kits (8-rib), and Supercharged LS kits (8-rib)
  • Edelbrock water pump - PN 8896
  • Most 1997-08 LS water pumps
(requires GM #12600171 thermostat and #12570307 rubber seal)

Part # A0370-82300 (LS3 78mm bolt pattern)
  • Fits Concept ONE Max10R LS kits (10-rib + 8-rib)
  • Edelbrock water pump - PN 8894
  • Most 2009 - current LS water pumps
(requires GM #89018168 thermostat and seal)

Note: All LS water pumps fit all LS engines, so make sure to order the thermostat housing for the water pump model you have. If you have question, give us a call.

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