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Kevin and Randy Redd founded Redd Machining and Manufacturing, Inc. in 1996, but their history in the automotive industry is a family tradition. They watched their father work on cars their entire life. Long before they were able to drive, they were already pumping gas at the family Amoco station in Cumming, Georgia. The full-service gas station eventually turned into a Goodyear Tire and Service Center. Kevin and Randy went to work every day after school and learned the art of cars and business at an early age. Soon, the brothers went to college to take their passion and practical knowledge of cars to the next level.

Meanwhile, their parents, Jean and Darryl Redd, opened American Classics Restoration, specializing in Corvettes, and with the help of their sons, they earned several NCRS Top Flight awards and Bloomington Gold Awards, and, eventually, the coveted Duntov Award with a 1955 Corvette.

It was during this time that Kevin developed and patented a wheel adapter to convert 1963-1966 Corvette knock-off wheels to direct bolt-on wheels, which they still make and sell today to America's leading Corvette parts vendors. This led to the beginning of their manufacturing operations. In 1995, having completed their technical and engineering degrees, Kevin and Randy began manufacturing aftermarket parts on a small scale. In 1996, the Redd brothers started designing and manufacturing pulley systems for the racing industry with parts for all levels of competition from local Saturday night Nascar Sprint Cup...and Redd Machining and Manufacturing was born!

All the while, Kevin and Randy had their eye on marketing their own product line in the street market. They knew from years of restoration work how frustrating it was to buy ill-fitting components part by part and having to re-engineer everything to work together. That frustration led to the first complete pulley system, the Concept One Pulley System, introduced in 2001. This new concept raised the bar in the aftermarket industry and is now commonplace.

Redd Manufacturing, with its Concept One product line, continues to lead the way with the highest quality systems available along with superior customer service and technical support. When you call Concept One don't be surprised when you find out you're talking to one of the owners of the company. Although these guys are often busy designing new products and testing those new lines, they are always there taking calls and troubleshooting technical questions, making sure every customer is satisfied and gets exactly what they need for their dream car.