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LT-Engine Swap-Parts Guide: Here’s What You’ll Need To Get It Done

Posted on August 12 2020

As seen in: Chevy Hardcore



When the LS engine was first introduced to the public, it didn’t take long for enthusiasts to make it the go-to engine for swapping into classic hot rods. Heck, even the Ford guys are using it. But, as great as the LS has proven to be, something better – at least in the eyes of Chevrolet – has come along. Enter the Gen V LT-series. This LS replacement is starting to make serious headway as the new modern-engine swap in the classic car world. The aftermarket is feverishly creating a catalog of parts to help you finish that switch to 21st-century performance.

Check out this article on what you'll need to go along with your Concept One pulley system, when swapping over to an LT engine.