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LS9 A/C Compressor Mounting Kit

LS Chevy Engines

These kits fit LS9 engines and LS9 Supercharger kits on the following engines: all GM Gen III and IV engines including but not limited to LS1, LS2, LS3, LS6, LS7, LSX, L92, L99, LQ4, LQ9, LY6, L76, all Vortec 4800, Vortec 5300, Vortec 6000, and Vortec 6200


LS9 Engine and LS9 Supercharger Kit

This kit is designed only for LS9 engines and LS9 supercharger kit  part number 19244103. Supercharger systems vary widely, so this kit is only compatible with the supercharger listed.

The supercharger kit #19244103 requires LS3, LSX-LS3, L92, LSA orLS9 cylinder heads.

This kit installation is recommended with the LS9 front accessory drive kit. (Chevrolet Performance #19243524)


Additional Notes

    The LS9 AC Compressor Mounting Kit replaces the AC compressor on a GM LS9 supercharged engine with a stock accessory drive system. This kit locates the compressor several inches closer to the engine to provide more clearance for muscle car crossmembers and subframes.

    This kit was designed specifically for the combination of components listed below, but it will give additional clearance in all applicatons.


    • GM LS9 supercharged engine with stock accessory system.
    • Stock LS9 oilpan
    • Detroit Speed subframe for 1967-69 F-Body
    • Detroit Speed LS7 setback motor mounts

    If you have any questions about the LS9 A/C Compressor Mounting Kit, contact Concept One today.