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Chevy LS Supercharger Pulley Systems

Chevy LS Supercharger Kits MAX 10R 10-Rib

Chevy LS Supercharger Kits 8 Rib

Looking to add more power to your LS engine? Supercharge it! We have taken one of the biggest obstacles to supercharging out of the equation. Our LS Supercharger Chevy pulley systems are availability in heavy duty 8 Rib or 10 Rib kits designed to power the accessories as well as the supercharger. Compatible with some of the most popular superchargers on the market including Magnuson, Edelbrock and GM factory LSA engines. Oh, and for the GM LS9 ZR-1 engine, we have a small A/C compressor mounting kit that provides much more room in the cross member area.

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