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Ford 351 Cleveland

Ford 351 ClevelandConcept One is proud to announce the addition of our newest pulley system: the Ford 351 Cleveland pulley system. This new pulley system is a compact high-quality system designed for the highly revered engine. Many people often ask where this engine name comes from and what it means. The 351 Cleveland name is a reference to the unique 351 cubic inch engines built at Ford's Cleveland, Ohio plant. Ford used advanced technologies to build the engine block and cylinder head castings. The term "Cleveland" was added to the engine name to help distinguish between the Cleveland and the Windsor engine, which is an entirely different Ford engine.

Many people consider this engine as a high-output performance engine, but few know that the engine got its start as a sort of "basic" engine put in lower horsepower applications. The engine is a "hybrid" that is considered to exist between a small block and a big block. Keep in mind that despite its membership in the small block family of engines, parts are not interchangeable amongst engines.

As a leader in engine accessory drive systems, we feel it's our responsibility to keep the market updated with parts that are in demand. The ever-popular Ford Cleveland 351 engine has seen its fair share of applications and popularity continues to grow. Our four systems for this engine include everything you'll need for your project vehicle, upgrade, race vehicle, restoration project or everyday driver. From our a base model boasting alternator-only pulley kit to our top-end system offering alternator, air conditioning compressor and power steering accessories, we offer everything in one package to suit your needs. We even offer two types of finishes, polished (of course): clear anodized or black anodized.

Our Ford 351 Cleveland kits come with twin six groove serpentine belts to produce the maximum belt wrap possible. This helps to reduce the demand for numerous idlers to route the belt around the water pump. Our kits help to eliminate the worry surrounding slippage of belts and pulleys being misaligned. Contact us today for all of your Ford engine needs.