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Chevy LT Victory Series Kit with Alternator, A/C and Power Steering

Billet aluminum reservoir included in price

Chevy LT Victory Pulley System for mounting these accessories:

» Alternator
» A/C Compressor
» Power Steering Pump

See This Important Information Before you Order:

» Questions on how to order? Call us at 1-877-337-0688
» Kit Dimensions
» How to Choose an Alternator
» Important Application Information
» Details & Standard Equipment

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Fit. Function. Performance.

Concept ONE has developed a new pulley system for the Chevy LT family of engines. The new LT Victory Series pulley system features an Edelbrock LS water pump allowing for a more symmetrical and familiar appearance. The compact design provides ample clearance for both original and aftermarket chassis.

This system incorporates the same top quality components used across their entire line of pulley systems. A 165 amp Powermaster alternator is standard equipment, but for extreme electrical requirements, a 180 amp and even a monster 220 amp alternator is available.

Concept ONE can customize the power steering pump for any type of steering system with various flow rates and pressures and hydroboost braking systems are no problem. As always, the system includes your choice of either a matching remote power steering reservoir or their exclusive billet aluminum pump mounted reservoir.

Finishes are available in four choices: Machined, Polished, Anodized Clear and a highly durable Anodized Black Hardcoat. Concept ONE is well known for the Fit, Function, and Performance of their pulley systems. That same devotion to clean and simple design is incorporated into making the new LT Victory Series pulley system the perfect choice for quality builds.


» Compact design for maximum clearance on original and aftermarket chassis
» Clean and simple appearance
» Clean and simple installation
» Great Looks
» Great Fit
» Super Rigid Bracketry for solid mounting front and back
» Tailored to your specific needs including options for various power steering systems and Hydroboost applications

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See This Important Information Before You Order

Questions on How to Order?

» Call us at 1-877-337-0688

Kit Dimensions

» View the kit dimensions diagram

How to Choose an Alternator

» PDF: Important information on how to select your alternator

» HTML Webpage: Important information on how to select your alternator

Important Application Information

» Important Chevy LT Application Info


Chevy LT Victory Series Kit with Alternator, A/C and Power Steering

» Compact Design opens up the engine compartment freeing up more room for other things. Also solves the problem of interference between classic car crossmembers and the factory AC compressor.
» Complete Kit with all the standard equipment listed below means a perfect fit and an end to the junkyard jitterbug and mail-order mamba. Spend time with your family, not your parts man.
» Easy Installation makes it perfect for do-it-yourselfers. Save that money for even more hotrod parts or let your mechanic install it while you finalize your Hot Rod Power Tour plans.
» These kits fit LT series and other GM Gen V engines including but not limited to LT1, L86, and L83.

Standard Equipment:

» Ultra small polished SD-7 compressor with billet manifold
» New Lares Corp. aluminum power steering pump
» Power steering reservoir - Exclusive Concept ONE billet aluminum pump mounted Mini Reservoir
» Cast Edelbrock aluminum waterpump
» 165 amp polished Powermaster one-wire alternator
» Fluidampr High performance SFI approved harmonic damper
» Crank pulley, waterpump pulley, alternator pulley, and power steering pulley
» Complete bracket set for alternator, A/C compressor and power steering
» Alternator pulley cover
» Compressor nose cover
» Continental Elite belt
» Continental tensioner
» Chrome hardware

EdelbrockPowermaster Fluidampr


How To Choose An Alternator

Download and fill out this guide to determine your alternator requirements.

How To Choose An Alternator - (PDF Version)
How To Choose An Alternator - (HTML Version)

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