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Big Block Driver Application Info

Big Block Chevy Engines

These kits fit GM Mark IV, Gen V and Gen VI big block Chevy engines.

Will These Pulley Kits Clear the Cross Member on a C2 or C3 Corvette?

These kits normally clear the cross member on otherwise stock 1965 - 1982 C2 and C3 Corvettes. 1963 - 1964 engines will most likely have to be shimmed upward for the crank pulley to clear the cross member. Make sure you have enough hood clearance!


Harmonic Damper

Some factory Gen VI engines may have a different harmonic damper that must be changed. See picture below.


This is the factory Gen VI harmonic damper that must be changed. Notice there is no recess for the pulley boss to locate in.



This damper is representative of the vast majority of big block Chevy dampers found. Part #10216339 is available from GM. Always make sure your damper is the correct balance for your engine.


Additional Notes

  • Driver Series Kits are single 6 groove serpentine belt systems with spring tensioners
  • Driver Series Kits are designed for use with electric cooling fans. If you need to run a mechanical fan, contact us and we can make modifications to the waterpump pulley. Also, this kit uses a reverse rotation waterpump, so make sure the fan is a reverse rotation fan.
  • Our kits will not work with engines mounted with front motor mounts. Side motor mounts are recommended