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Mass Air Flow Sensor Housing Kit

Concept One has developed an adapter housing and kit that mounts the Mass Air Flow Sensor (MAFS) directly on front of the LS2 or LS3 throttle body.

It is designed to help people who don't have much space for a mass air flow sensor and air filter between the radiator, core support, etc.

This unit is a Billet Aluminum housing with all the necessary hardware and an Edelbrock Air Filter. They are available in 4 finishes, and have an option for a longer air filter if there is room. They install in minutes.

Dimensions: Overall dimension from the face of the throttle body inlet is 6 1/4 inches.

  • Helps with limited space between throttle body and radiator
  • Eliminates plumbing to MAFS and throttle body
  • Clean look
  • Easy installation
  • Large and small Air filters available
  • 4 finishes available
  • Adapter plugs available for different harness connections


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